Saturday, January 29, 2011

Today: A Pictoral Guide

Here's what we've been up to on this beautiful, sunny Saturday...

Nothing earth shattering... just playtime, coffetime, playtime, lunchtime and playtime again. But as mundane as they sometimes feel, I think these days and moments are the memories I will cherish most when my kids are grown up.


So today we...

...made Gotham City on our chalkboard table. I had a very particular architect guiding the city plans and all the dwellings for the bad guys.
Then we made heart-shaped multi-colored crayons using old crayon pieces. Find out how here.

Didn't have time to take pics of the finished products of these because we were off to...

...ride bikes and have a picnic in the front yard.

Excuse us... we are still working on sitting like a lady. But isn't she precious?!

Finally, after Mallie went down for her nap, Bennett and I worked on making/compiling a "Riddler" costume for him. He is SO into Batman right now. The Riddler is one of his favorite characters, and he has been begging me for a Riddler costume. So I went the cheap route and decided to piece one together for very little money.
Here's what the Riddler looks like:

And here's my Riddler.

The main thing Bennett wanted was the hat, which I got at the party store for $2. It's just one of the plastic Leprechaun hats they sell for St. Patrick's Day. But boy was my little man excited about it.

To complete the costume, I cut a quick mask out of leftover stretchy black fabric I had. Then I did a freezer paper stencil of a question mark on a green shirt we already had (which had a big stain on it, so it was perfect for this project!).

Now I have a few more precious minutes of quiet time, and I'm off to read a few pages of my book and drink an afternoon cup of coffee to the sounds of my little Riddler playing in the other room.

Hope everyone had a great Saturday!


  1. great deets about your saturday; glad you had a a fun-filled, lazy day. wondering if i can borrow your heart crayon mold? xoxo

  2. That is so fun that you made the Riddler costume for Bennett; you can see the joy in his eyes. And Mallie IS precious, unlady-like sitting position and all. :) You are making sweet memories!

  3. We gave on the crayon hearts last year for Valentine's Day. Ella loved making them and all the kids loved getting them. They were such a hit we might do them again this year.