Monday, January 3, 2011

Vintage-esque Necklace: A Christmas Gift Re-cap

This year I made 80% of our Christmas gifts, which was 95.5 % wonderful.

The .5% big bummer is that I couldn't post all the fun crafts I was making since several of my 5 blog readers were future recipients of said crafts. So now that Christmas has come and gone, all the gifts safe and sound in their new homes, I can come out of hiding and show you a fun necklace I made for a few BFFs.

I got the idea from this darling blog/store. I Love the AMAZINGLY cute necklaces they make... but couldn't really afford that price tag.

So I ordered some 1 inch chandelier crystals here.

Then I ModPodged fabric on the back of said crystals and attached them to a chain purchased at Michael's. Simple!

Let's take a closer look, shall we?

For the packaging, I just took some cream-colored ponies... er... card stock and made 2 slits in the top, which I slid the chain into. Then I tied it all up in a cellophane bag with a pretty ribbon.

The gift tags were made using Trader Joe's Holiday Bags, thanks to a tip from my friend Katie. They were free and SO fun to make. Here's how.

Another fun gift I made this year were coffee cozies! I made a few for friends and also for Bennett's teachers. They were so cute wrapped up with homemade chai tea mix or with a Starbucks card tucked inside the cup.

Here's a picture of the cozie I made for myself.

I was inspired by these darling cozies sold on etsy.

So there you have it... those are just a few of the things I was up to all December long!


  1. Those are so cute! I know the owner of the Pleated Poppy and as soon as I saw your necklaces I knew what had inspired you. I have been wanting to try to make my own too! Yours look great :)

  2. You are creative and wonderful! I LOVE everything you made. I also made a few things for Christmas but couldn't blogify them since several of my 4 readers were also recipients. :) :) :)