Saturday, January 15, 2011

Pow! Bam! It's Batman!

While hunting through our DVD's the other day, Bennett happened upon our copy of "The Dark Knight."

You know... the Batman movie Heath Ledger won an Oscar for after portraying a very dark and sinister Joker?

Bennett, seeing Batman on the cover, began BEGGING me to watch it.

In a word, NO.

Obviously, I would never let him watch it, but he has been SO persistent, thinking it is a Batman movie for kids. He will absolutely NOT let up on it...

Bennett: "Mom, can I watch it when I'm 40?"
Casey: "Yes."

Bennett: "Can I watch it when I'm a Daddy?"
Casey: "Yep!"

Bennett: "How about when I'm 5?!"
Casey: "Nope."

The sight of our brokenhearted, dejected little Batman -lover moping around all forlorn spurred me to action. Or should I say...


I purchased the amazingly corny, non-violent and PG-rated "Batman the Movie" with Adam West from 1966. I got it for $4 on Amazon, and Bennett LOVES it!

I surprised him Thursday at the beginning of "quiet time," and after many gasps and awe-filled "Thank You, Mama!"s and of course a detailed examination of the cover including a comparison between each of the characters with his own Batman figures, we began watching it.

I watched with him for awhile and then excused myself to get some work done around the house. As I worked in the the next room, I kept hearing him cracking up and saying "Woo Hoo!" when Batman "Pow! Bam!"-ed the bad guys or "Whoa!" when Batman did something exceptionally noteworthy. It was more precious than words.

And afterwards, we played Batman Castle and acted out Batman (I'm Catwoman... Meow!) for the rest of the night!

It brought me such absolute joy to see the delight in his sweet little face.

I love Batman Clark Anderson!


  1. That is so sweet! He is the sweetest boy. So fun!

  2. Good job, mama. I actually grew up watching those old Adam West ones on reruns. They were so cool back then.