Friday, September 17, 2010

A Tale of Bennett Turning Four... or "How to Live in Denial That Your Child is Growing Up"

Bennett turned four last week... sniff.

I am amazed by how big and independent he is now. When did that happen?! I am amazed by his loving, sweet heart and the new ways he blesses my life every day. He is constantly telling me: "Mommy, I love you. Mommy, you are the best Mommy in the world." Also, lately he has been singing me this free-style song that he makes up as he goes. It usually goes something like this: "Mommy I love you... Mommy is so beautiful, Mommy is so cute. I love my Mommy."

I am amazed by how thoughtful, analytical and focused he is. He loves to read his Bible. After reading a story, he will usually ask me an amazingly mature, thought-provoking question, such as "Mommy, why did Judas do that wrong thing to Jesus? Why didn't he believe in Jesus?" or "Mommy, why is the mean snake evil? Why can't he be good?" Bennett is very, very concerned with good and evil, right and wrong. He is naturally gifted as a protector/defender. He is ALWAYS telling me that he is going to protect Mallory and I from scary things with his sword. This trait definitely comes from his Daddy!

I am also amazed at what an incredible imagination he has. All day long he is playing pretend with his dinosaurs, pirates, sword and shield, trains, cars... he is acting everything out and making up stories and songs about everything. He sees a movie, and he acts out all the scenes for weeks. He takes every toy we own apart in order to make them into something else... a dinosaur cave, a sword, a fort, a spaceship. He is constantly creating and playing.

Then... as if turning four wasn't enough to send me into a cry-fest, Bennett started preschool this week! This just makes him seem even older and bigger, seeing him skip off to his classroom, backpack on his back... with barely a "Bye, Mom!" Sheesh, it is like a dagger to my heart! And pre-school is just the beginning. Pretty soon he will be moving out and getting a condo and marrying 'some girl' he meets in his English 101 class.

Okay, I know, I know... I'm getting ahead of myself. But I can't help it. I love my boy. As happy as I am to see him growing up into such a wonderful, precious and independent little boy, it is very hard to let go of my baby.

Alright before I start having a separation-anxiety attack, let's look at some pictures of Benny's birthday, shall we?
Here's the birthday sign I made for Bennett. I also made one for Mallie Gal when it was her birthday. The plan is to hang it every year for the kids' birthdays!

It is super simple and in my opinion not as cute as those fancy-schmancy banners that I often see people making. But I don't have the talent necessary to make felt banners. So my kids will just have to settle for a Mod-Podged hunk 'o wood.
To make your very own sign, just get a rectangular piece of wood from Home Depot. Have your masculine hotty of a hubby drill holes in it for you. Then schalack it with ModPodge, cover with wrapping paper, ModPodge again, add cut out letters (Yes, Crystal... I have a Cricut!) :0) Then Mod Podge again.
Get it?
Got it?
Here's the fam in front of said sign.
Here's Benny's "Dinosaur Dig Cake." You can find the recipe here. It was so fun to make, and Bennett loved it!

Here I am being silly with my boy.
Here's Benny playing with his "Batman Castle." He played with it all. day. long.
Seriously, he played with it for 8 hours straight.

Birthday Donuts!

Mommy and Daddy got him the Full Armour of God, and it is awesome! I highly recommend this as a gift for a 4 year old boy! And it's going to double as his Halloween costume this year. Gotta love the gift that keeps on giving!

Love him SO much!

Bennett and his sister. So precious.
Bennett in his birthday shirt.

I made the shirt using a freezer paper stencil, the same way I made some artwork for my bedroom. Super fun!

And now the First Day o' School pics:
Seriously this is the best picture I have EVER gotten the two of them to take together! And they match!
Could you just die?

I know I could...

Bennett, I love you and I LOVE being your Mommy. Thank you, Lord for blessing me with this precious little boy.


  1. Casey, I love the shout out! Also, I feel the same way about Ella, I can't believe how big she's getting. I am surprised everyday by the new things she's doing. Bennett is so cute. I love seeing the pictures of your gorgeous family!

  2. So adorable! I have to say, I love how the Armour of God includes all of the biblical items, plus shin guards. Can't believe God forgot the shin guards!

  3. I can't believe he is 4 years old!!! Remember that phone call, "Hey gina, we're pregnant!" ...? yah, that feels like yesterday! I can't wait to see you soon!
    love you!