Friday, September 24, 2010

Crafty McCrafterton: Re-Purposed Necklace

Hello My fellow Crafty McCraftertons!

Just wanted to share a fun, re-purposed craft I took on last week (before my entire family became sick with an awful flu bug! Thank you, first week of preschool...)

It all started with this tutorial on fabric-rosette-making. I was so inspired, I decided to raid my supplies and figure out a way to make something right then and there!

I dug up this old necklace I haven't worn in a while.

First start by taking the necklace apart.
Now take a long piece of thread (I used embroidery thread), and tie it to a long thin strip of fabric. Tie a needle to the end of your thread.

Now begin by stringing a bead onto your thread. Then sew through that same side of the fabric strip. Once your string is on the other side, string another bead. Then just keep repeating this pattern.

It's kinda difficult to explain in words, but VERY easy to do. Here are a bunch of pictures, which will probably explain it better.

Please excuse my hideous cuticles. Remember I've been sick.

Once you've used all your beads up, just attach your fabric flower rosette (mine is made of the same fabric I used for the necklace) and...

You're all done!

This was my first attempt at fabric rosette making, and to be honest, I wasn't thrilled with the way this one came out. After more practice, I think I've gotten the hang of it. Here are some fabric-flower-making tips I've discovered through trial and error:

  1. Use the right glue. Fabric glue is the only way to go and worth the purchase if you want to make these right.

  2. Use thinner fabric. Thicker fabric, like the one I used, just ends up looking bulky.

  3. Keep it loose. In this flower, I was rolling the fabric too tight as I glued. When I finally figured out how to keep it looser, it started looking a lot prettier and more flower-like.

Back to the necklace. Despite my not-perfectly-perfect flower, I still really like the way it turned out. Very artsy and shabby-chic!


  1. ok, absolutely a gorgeous necklace! must make one asap. you rock. and i love how you used the table to demonstrate your craft. xoox

  2. seriously, what don't you do?!
    I love it!