Friday, September 3, 2010

Man, I Feel Like a Woman: Re-purposed Artwork

I truly believe Shania must have recently completed a DIY-home-improvement-project before penning those infamous words.

Seriously, there's not much that makes me feel more empowered than creating something myself and having it turn out super cute (or at least semi-cute and straight). Among my recent mega-woman moments are the bathroom stripes I painted, the chalkboard kitchen table McPreachy and I painted together... AND this simple artwork I made for my bedroom.

A few months ago, I found some old, gross frames lying around in the garage and decided I wanted to re-purpose them into something anthropologie-esque for our boudoir.

First I spray- painted the frames black.

Next I found some cute, vintagey images off of google images and made some freezer paper stencils by printing directly on the freezer paper and cutting out with an exacto knife. Here's a good tutorial on freezer paper-stencil-making.

Then I painted the stencils onto burlap, using black fabric paint.

Once dry, I removed the stencils and trimmed my burlap to fit in the frame. Finally, I framed and matted them.

Here they are all finished...

And here they are in their new home.

And remember...

The best thing about being a woman... is the prerogative to make your own artwork.

By the way, is anyone else shocked that 'prerogative' is spelled like that? I always thought it was 'perogative.' Thank you Spell check.

And what the heck, Webster?


  1. I LOVE these! Super cute, Case. And, how did you do that awesome monogram on the wall? Any tutorials for that?

  2. Cassi,
    The monogram is from Etsy. There are a ton of cute ones on there. Just search for "monnogram wall decal."
    Here's the one I bought:

  3. That turned out SO cute! I love the whole ensemble.

  4. Um... totally agree about "prerogative". WTH, Webster? Tricky they are over in the word-making world. Also. love this and your chalkboard table. Question: The burlap looks nice and "tight" framed. Did you "fasten" them to anything, if you will???

    Also, I really like to use quotation marks. :)

  5. I love these Casey. They are super cute. I LOVE using burlap. I have used it to make a bunch of banners for baby showers and stuff. I have a cricut, so I get to use that to make my stencils. It is such a time saver, I love it. Your wall was so cute. I would love to see more photos of your house.

  6. Thanks everyone for the validation! :0)

    Adria: You are one smart cookie! I did fasten the burlap to the mat using plain old scotch tape.

    Crystal: Those banners sound cute! Tutorial, please!

    As for pics of my house, maybe I'll do a "house tour" post soon for you! :0)

  7. Hi my Casey! I love all the projects and ideas you have been tackling!
    I would love to get together soon missy, it has been too long!
    love you!