Friday, January 21, 2011

10-Minute Makeup for Busy Mamas

I often hear Mamas say that it takes too long to put on makeup, that they just don't have time to mess with makeup since they've become a Mama.

So, being a busy Mama myself and a lover of ALL things makeup, I thought I'd share my favorite 10-Minute Makeup routine.

Now, don't get me wrong. I have many a day where I stay in my PJ's all day without a lick of makeup.

But I do find that getting ready and putting on makeup, even if it's just a little, does make me feel more put-together, productive and ready for the day. As nice as those "pajama days," are, they often leave me feeling "blah."

At the same time, I personally don't think you need a full face of beauty-pageant-ready makeup when you're wearing your track suit and chasing your kids through the park.

So I reserve my "20 minute makeup" for special occasions and evenings out and do "10 minute makeup" on a daily basis.

Also: Dont expect rocket science, here. I'm no makeup expert... just a Mama searching for the balance between playtime and beauty time.
Here's the Breakdown:

Step One: Moisturize (1 Minute)

I recommend:
Trader Joe's Regenerating Antioxidant Face Lotion -- You could spend upwards of 75 bucks at Sephora for a similar face cream. I can't believe TJ's is able to offer something so high quality for so few dollars. Wait a minute... yes I can believe it! I love the cleanser too!

How To: Gently massage your moisturizer into your skin, using upward motions. Don't skip this important step! It will make your makeup go on SO much better! I like to do this step right after getting out of the shower and then get dressed, do my hair, etc. before applying my makeup. That way your moisturizer has time to soak in before you put your face on, so to speak.

Step 2:Foundation and Concealer: (2 minutes)

I recommend: Bare Minerals. It provides perfect coverage for a Mama on the go... you won't have that foundation-y look. As a bonus, it has a built-in SPF!

How to: Lightly sweep foundation on your whole face in circular motions. Then use a concealer brush to cover up any blemishes using the same foundation. (Often makeup experts will say to conceal first, then put on your foundation, but I personally think it works better this way.)

Step 3: BLUSH! (1 minute)

I cannot tell you what a big difference I think blush makes in the overall healthy look of your skin!!! If I only have time to put on two things, it is without a doubt always foundation and blush! It will take you from drab to fab in not time!

I recommend: Benetint. Buy it! Seriously. You won't be sorry. I absolutely LOVE this stuff and can't live without it. It is so quick and gives you the perfect, natural rosy glow!

How to: Apply three dots of Benetint to the apple of your cheeks and pat to blend in. Add more if necessary.

Step 4: Extra Eye Help (1 minute)

Let's face it, we Mama's need a little extra help around our eyes... so that all the sleepless nights, crying in the pantry and plain old stress don't show.

I recommend: Ooh La Lift by Benefit. This little miracle is just what you need to perk up your eye area and make you look like a more well-rested and vibrant version of you.

How To: Apply three dots to the under eye area and outer corners of eyes (the crows-feet area) and lightly blend in. Do this after under-eye concealer to help combat that "reverse raccoon-eye" effect that concealer can sometimes give you.

Step 5: Eyes (3 minutes)

How To: I'm giving you the how-to first this time so the products I'm recommending will make sense. First you want to apply eyeshadow. For sake of time and not looking too made-up, I usually just do one light shimmery color all over my eyelids. Next curl your eyelashes to open up your whole eye area and make you look more awake. Finally apply a coat of black mascara. Super quick and simple.

I recommend:

"But wait!" you say. "That's only 8 minutes!"

Right you are, old chap! I came in with two minutes to spare! Boo-ya!

So go ahead, take your time! Relish those extra two minutes! Or rush and be done in 8 minutes.

Either way, you will look positively radiant, I do declare.


  1. I personally like the 30 second mommy makeup routine - concealer for those tired raccoon eyes, powder to cover up the fact that you haven't washed your face in 48 hours, then eyelash curlers and mascara to provide enough pizazz to distract from that new pimple.

    Though, if I do your routine, does that mean I'll look like Casey? Not a bad deal...

  2. Great post! will have to look into the Benetint. Never heard of it. And also the "Ooh La Lift." Nice; always need help with the eyes the older I get. :) Thanks! xoox

  3. I love that face wash and moisturizer from TJ's!! Love this post!

  4. The days I look my best were the days I started out feeling my worst! Good products!