Wednesday, January 19, 2011

On Motherhood and Priorities: A Musing Examination

I began this New Year o' 2011 with some resolutions.


I am SO good at making resolutions...

...and so bad at keeping them.

So this year, to help whip myself into resolution-keeping shape, I decided to journal my progress of said resolutions bi-weekly.

Yesterday I had my first "resolution-check in" session during my morning quiet time. And I'm doing okay. Not perfect, but okay.

I think one of my problems is that I try to make big changes overnight as opposed to looking at the resolutions as a process. For instance, I'm not just going to become an organized person overnight, but I CAN become more organized, little by little so that when 2012 comes around I can look back and say, "Yeah... I have definitely made some progress in this area."

That's what I'm shooting for in 2011... not cut and dry one-time changes, but slow and steady progress.

I wanted to share some musings from my journaling evaluation o' resolutions from yesterday:

Isn't it interesting that I'm doing the worst at keeping the goals that matter most (like reading my Bible and praying more consistently and my parenting and marriage goals) and doing the best at keeping the goals that really don't matter in the long run (getting organized, blogging more consistently, etc.) Lord, please help me to prioritize! Please give me a vision for each day and the self-discipline to see it through. God, help me to pursue what really matters first each day and then move on to other things if there's time.

I feel like some buzz words for 2011 are:

These are words which really describe the heart of what I need to work on in my life. Each and every one of the goals I have written down in some way relates to one of these words. So I guess I can consider these my real resolutions for 2011.

Here's hoping that when 2012 rolls around, I can look back and, with God's help, say that I'm a more consistent person, more focused on the things that matter and living more simply.


  1. You are so wise and wonderful! I love all 3 of those words and would like to claim "priorities" and "simplify" for my life too! :)

  2. well put; I resonate so much. i sent you a list of my words for the year: pray more, give more, play more. xoxo