Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Get BACK to Work, Woman: Re-Vamping My Weekly Chore Chart

Ever since Bennett started school, I've kind of fallen off the bandwagon with my weekly chore chart. That wagon o' melodies just keeps on keeping on, and I'm left in the dust holding a rusty Banjo.

I think the main reason is that our schedule has changed so much this fall, and the old chore chart didn't really fit with our new schedule.

So here is the new chore chart in all it's organized glory. I've kept all the elements the same. Basically I just moved things around to different days that make more sense for our family now. For instance, grocery shopping got moved to Tuesday because that's the day that I drive the school carpool. (oh my gosh, I sound so matronly when I say things like that) Anyway, it's the prefect day to run this errand because I only have one child with me, and I'm out anyway with time to kill.

Laundry got moved to Thursday because this is the day my friend drives the carpool, and I'm home with just Mallie Gal for a huge chunk of time, which is perfect for washing, sorting and playing sock basketball (more on this family favorite later).

Day for God and Family. No work!

  • Plan Meals for the Week and Make Grocery List
  • Clean Out Fridge (making room for new groceries tomorrow)


  • Grocery Shopping
  • Dust


  • Clean Bathrooms


  • Wash and Put Away Laundry


  • Vacuum
  • Mop Floors


  • One Monthly Chore (see below)
  • Catch Up on Any Missed Chores or 30 Minute Organizing Session

Monthly Chores:

  • Clean Out Kids' Closets/Store Clothes That Don't Fit
  • Clean Out Pantry
  • Spot Clean Carpet
  • Clean Windows/French Doors

Obviously not every week will look exactly like this. Knowing me, most weeks will not.

But at least I have a plan in place, and that allows me to be flexible and still accomplish some key tasks around here.

And the best part is, once my daily chores are done, that's it for the day... no need to stress out over all that needs to be done. And I can be one step closer to my goal of being fully present with my kids when we are playing, instead of running though a mental list of tasks.

By golly, I feel back on the old Bandwagon already!

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  1. Okay, i mean this is the kindest of ways... more in wonderment than anything... but how in the WORLD do you manage ONE day of laundry a week?!?!? I have two loads almost everyday, minus Sunday. I'd love a tip. Aaaaand I love you! :)