Thursday, March 4, 2010

Spotlight: Trader Joe's Product O' the Whenever

Hello TJ lovers,

Notice that I am no longer calling this segment "Trader Joe's Product O' the Week," because, let's face it... I will never get it together enough to post on this subject every week.

Instead, I will just call it, "TJ's Product O' the Whenever." That way, I can post about it whenever the mood strikes me.

This whenever's product hails from the dairy case. Please welcome:

Trader Joe's Organic Vanilla Bean Yogurt.

Or "Moo Cow Yogurt," as it is affectionately called in our house. Bennett started calling it that because of the oh-so-genteel cow that graces the carton.

"Yogurt?" you may be asking. "What is so amazing about yogurt?"

Oh, but this is no ordinary yogurt. It is the only yogurt I have EVER liked because it is so, so, so wonderfully delicious.

NOTE: It is CRUCIAL that you buy the vanilla bean and not plain ol' vanilla. This is the key factor in the yogurt's cultured deliciousness. If you fail, all will be lost. The future of the parfait as we know it is in your hands.

Speaking of parfaits, try this yogurt with fruit and your favorite granola. Or try it in your favorite cake/muffin recipe.

Just try it. That's all I'm going to say. Just do it.

And speaking of Trader Joe's... OH MY GOODNESS!!! Has anyone else heard of this book?! I haven't purchased one yet, but it is definitely on my wishlist.

I guffawed when I saw a lady with one the other day.

She thought I was very odd, indeed.

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