Sunday, March 21, 2010

Healthy, One Ingredient Ice Cream: By Jove, I Think She's Got It!

I tried this tip, and I had to share because it really is that amazing!

You basically just take a few bananas, peel and chop them, freeze them and pop 'em in the food processor. And AMAZINGLY you end up with banana ice cream... no joke! (see above link for more deets... that's "details" for those of you who aren't hip).

I'm honestly not really a banana person, but I AM an ice cream person. And this won me over. I also gave some to McPreachy, and he thought it was banana-flavored ice cream! He had no idea that he was in fact eating a frozen, pulvarized banana. Mwah ha ha! I am so sneaky!

This would be awesome for those of you who have kids with food allergies or intolerances.

Or for those of you who just plain eat too much ice cream.

Next time I want to try to throw some coconut oil in there for a delish tropical delight! And even if you throw a few chocolate chips, granola or chopped almonds on top, it is still MUCH healthier than eating a big bowl of ice cream. And it is VERY delicious and smooth.

Do not be a skeptic... just try it. Try it, and you will see.


  1. Oh my goodness. Why have I never heard of this? Trying this immediately (must let bananas ripen first).

  2. Casey- I found your blog on Gina's bloglist! You have such creative activities for your kids and it seems like you are really enjoying motherhood! It was great to get a glimpse into your family and I will be checking in often! Keep those healthy tips coming! -Lesley (Thomas) Hedrick

  3. Wanted to update that I tried this last night! I love ice cream but found that having this was just as satisfying--I guess it's the cold/sweet I crave.

    It didn't really cream together very well in my food processor (still chunky even when smushed/stirred with a spoon), so I'll try it in my high-tech blender next time.

    love ya!