Tuesday, March 9, 2010

McPreachy and Mount Vernon: A Saga

Yesterday was McPreachy's birthday. So, in keeping with our birthday tradition, he got to pick the menu for his birthday dinner AND he got to pick any cake he wanted out of one of my favorite cookbooks, The Cake Mix Doctor.

This birthday-cake-picking-and-making-tradition is SO exciting for Bennett. He's been talking about making Daddy's birthday cake for weeks.

The cake McPreachy picked: Mount Vernon Cake.

(2nd row from the bottom, 3rd cake from the left)

If you are currently asking yourself what in the world Mount Vernon cake is, then you are not alone. Bennett and I also scratched our heads inquisitively when we heard the verdict.

It turns out that Mount Vernon Cake is a dense, white cake iced with marshmallow frosting and layered with... you guessed it... homemade cherry filling. Is it all coming together for you now? George Washington... cherry tree... Mount Vernon... Get it?

Leave it to Mr. Academia to pick a historically significant cake. My husband is a very learned man, and he doesn't make even trivial decisions lightly.

And speaking of Mount Vernon, here are some pics from our trip with the Varelas to this hallowed landmark some 4 years ago. I was pregnant with Bennett at the time.

Yep. I pretended to chop down the cherry tree whilst in the cherry tree garden. Yep, I sure did.

All in all, the cake was pretty darn delish! George Washington would have been proud.

Here's a pic of the poor sucker after we hacked away at it. (Get it? Cherry tree... hacked away...)

And here's Mallie... just because she's cute.

For his birthday dinner, McPreachy asked me to make enchiladas, rice and beans. Here's the recipe I used for the enchiladas and here's the recipe for the rice. They are both AWESOME recipes!

Though it was a simple day, I think we made McPreachy's birthday really special.

Happy Birthday, husband o' mine! I love you. I adore you. I'd be lost without you.


  1. I love you honey. Thanks for making my b-day so special!

  2. What CUTE pictures of the kids (and the kiss too). Mallory IS the cutest. That cake looks divine. You are a wonderful wife and mama!

  3. Love all the pics, and yes, the sweet kiss at the end. Yummy cake and menu!