Saturday, July 9, 2011

Pizza... You Singin'-a My Song!

I love my Dad. The title of this post is an ode to him and all the funny little inside-joke phrases we have together.

I don't really know where the phrase originated, but EVERY time I have eaten pizza with my Dad since the day of my birth, he always loudly proclaims in a pseudo-Italian accent, "Pizza! You singin'-a my song!" It's a silly little tradition that I love.

I hope that when my kids are grown, we have a lot of little family inside-jokes like that. These little things are what truly add up to create tight family bonds for life.

Anyway, back to pizza. I experimented with a few favorite flavors and came up with a pizza that I LOVE!

It was inspired by my favorite pizza from Mandy's Pizza... the Chicken Bacon Ranch Pizza!

So, without further adieu, here's the how you make it.

First, take yo' pizza crust. This one is the whole wheat from Trader Joe's. (Love P-Dub's recipe too! ) Spread the dough on your pan, and spread on a layer of ranch dressing... like so:
Next, add your toppings: chopped, cooked chicken (I used leftover grilled from the night before), crispy chopped bacon and diced tomatoes. I would have thrown some green onions on there too if I'd had any. Next... the cheese! I used grated mozzarella.
Then bake it in a 475 oven until browned and crispy!!! (about 8-10 minutes)

Look how delicious!!
And now, before I take my leave, one more time... all together...

Pizza! You singin'-a my song!


  1. Totally going to try this. It sounds delicious. Except I shall use sundried tomatoes instead of diced.