Friday, July 8, 2011

Just when you've given up all hope on motherhood...

This last week has been difficult, parenting-wise. After last week's busy-ness (VBS, staying up late at our family reunion, 4th of July and sickness all around), the kids have finally hit their limit. There has been fighting and grumpiness non-stop... and my patience has been waning.

But just when I had given up all hope, something magical happened.

I came downstairs and found this:
My son, without any parental prompting, made me a "present" complete with Star Wars "gift bag" and took paper and a marker to his Daddy to dictate a message to me.

Here's what my sweet boy put inside the present he made for me. Some favorite little toys and trinkets. He was so excited about giving it to me.And here's the card.

It's hard to photograph the words because he used blue marker on blue paper.

It reads:
Dear Mom,
We love you, and it's Bennett Clark Anderson and it's Daddy.
I love you for the sweet words you say and because you're so beautiful and pretty. We love you so much!


And just like that all my frustration melts away, and once again, I am reminded why motherhood, despite its many difficulties, is such a precious gift...

...moments like these.


  1. Awww this is totally the sweetest thing ever! I found it very encouraging, as we have had a difficult week as well. With moving and unpacking things have been less then constructive around here. Knowing that moments like that are possible give me motivation (at least for a few more hours :)

  2. Awww Kiki, that made me tear up! You're doing such a great job of raising sweet, thoughtful children. Can you give Benny a big hug from me and tell him he made ME happy too? Love you and your presh family, Biffa! xoxo

  3. So. completely. adorable.

    Love him.