Monday, July 11, 2011

DIY Art: Eye Chart

I need to fill the blank walls of my boudoir with some art! I've seen all this super cute "eye chart" art on Etsy lately... like this one and this one. Love them.

So I decided to make my own using a song we are always singing at our house.

It was super easy, and I love how it turned out! I downloaded a font called "Eye Chart" and then just wrote out my text and set to work making lines of descending size.

I think it will look awesome matted in a white frame.

Can't wait to add some personalized love to our bedroom.


  1. That is EXTREMELY cute. As your BFF, I have to point out that there is a typo before you print and frame it! Remove the U at the end of the third line (or remove the U at the beginning of the fourth line). Love you!

  2. Thanks BFF! What would I do w/o you??

    I've fixed the issue and replaced the typo'd one before anyone else spots it! :0)