Friday, March 11, 2011

32 Things: Happy (Belated) Birthday to the McPreacher

On Tuesday, the McPreacher turned 32.

We just had a simple celebration, but the McPreacher likes things simple, so it was perfect.

I surprised him by inviting two of his best friends, Brady and Alden to come to dinner. They hid in the garage with silly string and accosted Neil when he went out to get me some "sour cream" I needed out of the fridge. "Sour cream" is in quotes because there really was no sour cream. I am stealth, yo.

After scaring the blazes out of McPreachy, they came inside and we enjoyed a birthday dinner of steak, garlic mashed potatoes (best, recipe ever!), Caesar salad and bread. It was a simple, man-pleasing meal, and the men were mighty pleased.

They we enjoyed birthday cake and just being together. The cake Mcpreachy chose from the birthday cake book this year was called "Ambrosia Cake." It basically a coconut cake with an orange/pineapple filling. He chose it because he LOVES ambrosia salad, and though there was not much of an ambros-esque quality to the cake, it was still delicious.

So, without further ado, I would like to present 32 things I love about my husband in honor of his 32nd Birthday:
  1. I love that he is *slightly* nerdy. It warms my heart and makes my pulse race. There is nothing foxier than a hot, nerdy man. Come to Mama, professor.

  2. I love how dependable and trustworthy he is. My husband is a man you can always count on.

  3. I love that he makes decisions based on what is right rather than how he feels. That makes one of us. :0)

  4. He is slow to speak and quick to listen.

  5. He is the wisest person I know. I value his advice more that anyone else's.

  6. He is so easy going about stuff around the house, and that is such a blessing to a Mama of young kids. He is totally fine with eating cereal for dinner and doesn't care if our house gets messy.

  7. He never whines or complains.

  8. He makes me laugh.

  9. He loves me for who I am, and doesn't expect me to be someone else. He even humors me during my frequent song and dance routines!

  10. He always puts our family first, despite the demands of being a pastor.

  11. Given the choice between tasks and playing with the kids, he almost always chooses playtime. I admire and envy this quality. :0)

  12. He is so wise with our money and provides so well for our family.

  13. He is easy to please and appreciates simplicity.

  14. He is a deep-thinker and helps me to look at things more critically.

  15. He is amazing with directions. He can instinctively and immediately figure his way around a new place.

  16. He has an amazing work ethic.

  17. He is gifted at saying things that are hard to hear with honesty and graciousness.

  18. He is an amazing teacher. I feel blessed to have him as my pastor.

  19. He is a man of honor and integrity.

  20. He is an AMAZING father and is intentional about his role as a parent.

  21. He has great taste in music.

  22. He over-researches everything, and I think it is so cute... er... manly.

  23. He is such an affectionate, romantic husband. He never ceases to make me feel loved and special.

  24. He makes great Swedish pancakes. :0)
  25. He respects and empowers me as a mother.

  26. He seeks my advice and takes my opinions seriously.

  27. He's a great gift-giver! He always picks out thoughtful, creative gifts.

  28. He is fiercely loyal. Do not mess with someone he loves.

  29. He is passionate, and that passion drives everything he does.

  30. Even though logic is most important to him, he often humors my need for doing it the 'fun and pretty' way instead of the logical way.

  31. He is a visionary, and I am inspired and motivated by his dreams, goals and big-picture perspective.

  32. He is a godly man, and I am SOOOOOOOOO blessed to be married to him.

I love you, husband o' mine. Like I always say, I'd be lost without you.

Happy Birthday!


  1. Happy birthday, Neil! You have the BEST wife! :) :) :) This list is great, Case!

  2. Love you baby! I think you should do more posts like this one :).

  3. That is too sweet! Love the whole post! You two. I could just eat you up! :o) And is it odd that Alden looking the same is somehow comforting? Thank you for understanding. ;-)

  4. Casey you are totally the sweetest, cutest thing ever!

  5. What a sweet and husband-honoring post. Love it! It's so good to share the joys of marriage with others; thanks for telling us all you love about Neil.

    ps: did you paint your kitchen? love the blue walls! or is this your formal dining room?

  6. Kikidili and Neil: I love you guys. Happy Bday Neil and ... ditto to kiki's list. Oh and by the way, I kind of dig your kids.