Sunday, March 20, 2011

Discovering Greatness: Some Fantastical New Recipes

Just thought I'd do a quick post-a-roo of a few new recipes I've tried lately.

First there was this recipe for Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Come. To. Mama.

(P.S. - I just used regular chocolate chips instead of the variety o' chips she uses.)

Then when my lovely In-Laws were here last weekend, I made this fab-oooo Apple Coffee Cake. It will knock your socks right off. Unless of course you aren't wearing socks, in which case, you will just exclaim, "Oh my, this is delicious!"

Finally I made these AMAZING Hawaiian Turkey Burgers, using this homemade Teriyaki sauce. And all I can say is, Alooooha! It made me do a little hula.

And while we're contemplating the greatness of these turkey burgers, can I just give a quick shout out to my FAVORITE recipe blog, Our Best Bites? I have never made anything from their site that didn't come out completely delicious. Some of my favorites are Spicy Honey Chicken, Baked Potato Soup, Tortellini Sausage Soup, Coconut Chicken Fingers, Mint Brownies, and Candy Corn Cupcakes just to name a few.

That's all for now. Just a few stellar recipes to add to your collection.

Have I mentioned that my collection takes up most of my hard drive and an entire large kitchen cupboard?

I need recipe-hoarding intervention. Please someone help me before it's too late.

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  1. My fav cooking magazine is "Cooks Illustrated" and they basically perfect recipes and look for the best of the best ways to make recipes. They had an issue with Chocolate Chip Cookies, of which I am always on the lookout to perfect. They were indeed the VERY best I have ever made or eaten, hands down. And they browned the butter! And used more brown sugar than white. Anyway, so fun that you tried something similar. I will have to compare these recipes. :) xoxo