Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Every time my baby turns two... I die a little.

Mallory turned two last weekend.

And it made me happy and sad all at one.

Happy to be nearing the end of the difficulties of the infant stage... happy that God has blessed Mallie Gal with another wonderful year of life.

And sad that it's going so fast. Sad that she's no longer a baby.

Little Miss is definitely a toddler now. A little lady, a pretty princess, a genu-ine heart-stealer.


And now, in acrostical fashion, I will tell you a bit about my favorite little girl in the whole wide world.

Maybe in a little bit? -- This is her favorite phrase right now... especially when I tell her no.

Animated -- She is a precocious little charmer! Already quite dramatic.

Language -- Our Chatty Mallie is quite the talented little talker.

Loving -- She often lays down on my shoulder and still loves to be rocked and cuddled.

Outgoing -- She makes friends everywhere she goes and is always saying "hi!" to everyone.

Really REALLY cute... Seriously, her cuteness is dangerous and epic.

Yeeees! Yaaaaay! -- She is prone to darling exclamations of excitement!

Chompers -- Her gigantic front teeth have bitten straight through my heart. I LOVE them!
Laugh -- She has an infectious, silly-dilly little laugh.

All Girl -- We are very into baby dolls, princesses, sparkly shoes and pink over here nowadays.

I do it! -- Mallie Gal is developing a very independent spirit, wanting to do everything herself.

Relational -- Always seeking out someone to be with, Mallie is such a social butterfly.

Eat! -- Our girl's favorite pass-time. She can out-eat everyone in our family!

Well, there you have it. Just a few of the things that make my girl so special.

I love you, Mallie girl. You bless me every day with your smiles, giggles and all-around happiness. I am so blessed to be your Mama.

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  1. Happy Birthday to your little pumpkin pie! And she sounds like her mama... :) Love and Kisses!