Thursday, August 27, 2009

My Nordic Friend: Things I've Done While Wearing a Baby Bjorn

I have a best friend. He is Nordic. His name is Bjorn.
Bjorn and I have done lots of fun and interesting things together. Here are just some of the things I have done with him tagging along:

Used the restroom (I'll just get that one out in the open right from the get-go)
Cooked dinner
Eaten dinner at a restaurant
Vacuumed the couch
Made pancakes
Gone on a walk
Gone on a hike (*see photo below)
Carried Bennett upstairs (with Mallie in the Bjorn)
Helped Bennett go potty (Sorry to say, but I think Bjorn got squirted ...)
Gone grocery shopping
Blow dried my hair
Painted my toenails
Mopped the floor
Watched a Movie (in a movie theater)
Airplane ride
Airport security check
Taught children at church
Fed the dog
Cleaned up toys
Played cars and trains with Bennett (while Mallie is in the Bjorn)
Played ball with Bennett (while shielding Mallory's head from near-concussions)
Packed boxes
Unpacked boxes
Rehearsed for a stage play (really!)
Checked my e-mail
Put on my makeup
Rocked my babies to sleep (my personal favorite)
Any many more...

I have often been asked how I can devote so much time to domestic things while caring for my newborn baby. The answer, my dears, is simple... and his name is Bjorn!
The picture up top is Bennett when he was around 4 months old. Ahhh... I remember those days, when Bjorn only came out for walks and the occasional fussy moment at the grocery store. Those days are long gone now that we have two kiddos. Bjorn makes an appearance much more often these days. Take for instance...
Our trip to Lake Tahoe, where Bjorn came through yet again. Thanks to my Nordic friend, our over-tired and cranky little Mallory fell asleep, and we were able to stay at the beach and visit with family.

And for the record, McPreachy and Bjorn are buddies too! Especially when we are hiking. (McPreachy doesn't trust me with baby-carrying duty while we are hiking because I am SOOOO klutzy!) So I guess I haven't actually hiked while wearing a Bjorn, but McPreachy has... and according to the Good Book, we are one.

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  1. I love the last line... too funny.

    And HOW can you paint your toenails wearing the Bjorn?! You might be klutzy, but are impressive.