Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Goodbye Stinkies! (Another Awesome Product I'm Loving)

Had to give yet another shout-out to a product I've been loving over here at Casa McPreachy.
Does your potty training toddler or puppy piddle all over the carpet? Has anyone had a tummy bug lately that has left you with a yucky mess (thankfully, this has not been us...) Does your toilet ALWAYS smell like pee no matter what you do to clean it? (GRRRR!)
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Then you NEED this AMAZING product:
(insert trumpeting)
Not only is this stuff non-toxic, it REALLY works! I've used bottles and bottles of it! (We have a doggy who is very naughty... but we love her!)
You just dab up the yuckies, saturate with the cleaner and let it air dry.
I get mine at Walmart. Just do yourself a favor, and stock up on few bottles at once! You'll use it, trust me!

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