Thursday, December 9, 2010

Christmas: A Pictoral Guide

Like all of you, I have been busy, busy BUSY during this month o' Christmas. But it has been a good kind of busy... a joyous, merry, can't-find any one's shoes, don't have time to blog or do laundry, sticky-fingers from candy canes, hustle-and-bustle-kind-of-busy.

We've been baking up a storm, listening to Christmas music, learning about Jesus' birthday, picking out our tree, going to Christmas Pageants, decorating the house, driving around looking at Christmas lights, drinking cocoa, reading Christmas books, eating candy canes, singing "We Three Kings" a million times :-), sending out Christmas cards and loving this wonderful season. Here are a few pictures of the Christmas season so far...


  1. Love these pics! I love Bennett's absolute delight in being wrapped up in the.... tree skirt? Is that what it is? :)

  2. yeah for christmas fun! i love the snow one of you and Mallie. xoxo

  3. Okay how are you adding these decorations to your photos? What program are you using? They look fantastic!!!!!!!!!

  4. Thanks, Miss White House :0)
    The website is called LOVE it!!! Free photo editing with lots of fun tools!