Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Pick a Pack Of Pitas: Amazing Quick Lunch

Do you ever make a new recipe and become so overwhelmed with its deliciousness that you get obsessed with it, eating it every day for a week straight?

Well that's whats been happening with this simple lunch I've eaten for three days in a row now. I call them...

Greek Tomato Pita-wiches

It all started when I made up a batch of these AMAZING marinated tomatoes (look how many ways you can use them!!!).

I had them sitting around at lunch time and wanted to gobble them up, but I needed a vehicle by which to devour them. So I searched around in my fridge for worthy ingredients...

...and a pita-wich was born.
Welcome to the world, little guy.

Here's how you make it:

  1. First, toast your pita. I cannot stress enough the importance of this step. Cold pita is a no-no. I just toasted mine in my toaster oven, and it came out perfect.

  2. Next, cut yo' pita in half and open 'er up. Be careful... I have discovered that pita steam enveloping your hand hurts like a mother.

  3. Now fill that bad boy with your marinated tomatoes (I guess making these is really the first step... consider it step .5). Throw a few spoonfuls of the marinade in there, just for giggles and grins.

  4. Now add in a healthy sprinkling of feta cheese and a handful of kalamata olives. Other Greek-worth ingredients that would be delish include peppers, cucumbers and red onion. But I just kept mine simple with tomatoes, feta and kalamatas.
Isn't that so easy? And SO healthy, especially if you get whole wheat pitas.

And look... hardly any mess to clean up!

It's deliciousness is unparallelled.

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  1. That's it. I'm coming over for lunch soon. I'll have mine with cucumbers!!! :)