Friday, October 9, 2009

Holiday PJ's: I'm Obsessed

Why is it that I just can't help myself from buying seasonal PJ's for my kids every year.

It's become an obsession. Until I have our holiday PJ's in hand, I just feel like something's missing. Like there is a huge, holiday void in my heart that can only be filled with kitschy sleepwear.

Here are Mallory's. Aren't they darling?

I nearly had a panic attack in Kohls when I realized they didn't have any Halloween PJ's for boys. (I know, I need help). But not to worry (and I'm sure you were agonizing over it)... I found these puppies for Bennett. They were on sale and meet my Halloween PJ standards (no witches, vampires, skulls or other scary things. That's not how we roll... we're a peaceful, pumpkin-lovin' bunch).

I keep telling myself to simplify my holiday traditions, decorating, baking and the like... and I'm trying... really I am.
But when it comes to holiday PJ's, I'm a goner. I'm hopeless. I'm beyond saving.
But really, who could resist seeing this little lady in these precious PJ's?

Mallory looks a lot like her Daddy in this photo: (If her daddy were wearing polka-dotted Halloween PJ's, that is)


  1. Cute jams! I, too, love holiday sleep gear, esp Christmas/winter stuff. BabyGap is my fav! Great pics!

  2. Did you see the Tea just added jammies to their collection?! A bit too expensive for me, but I'm sure they will go on sale! :)