Wednesday, June 16, 2010

A Problem of Epic Poop-ortion

So, we seriously have a problem with Bennett pooping everywhere and anywhere... except the toilet. You may remember this story from a few months ago.

Well, we pretty much had a repeat performance of that scenario last Sunday... the only difference being that I was in my Sunday dress and heels whilst scrubbing poop off the floor, walls and carpet.

Then a few weeks ago, after running some errands, I arrived home and Bennett came walking by me. As he passed me in the hallway, he nonchalantly said, "Oh, Mama... I pooped in the playroom." So I raced the the playroom where, sure enough, I found a big pile o' poo sitting on the carpet. What in the world?!

Today was the kicker.

We were at the community pool splash park with some friends, and the kids were having such a fun time playing. After a while in the water, the kids started running around in the grass area behind the splash park. All of a sudden, one of my friends said, "Um, Casey... Um... Bennett is..."

Taking a DUMP in the grass, that's what he was doing!

While other horrified mothers looked on. And while his sweet, little friend stood there dumbfounded, staring at Bennett's booty with a look of bewilderment on her face.

I ran over to him, trying to remain calm, and we quickly made our way to the bathroom. But I am seriously at a loss for what to do about this. Any child psychologists reading this that might have an idea as to why my son doesn't want to poop in the toilet? And even if you're not a child psychologist, please give me some advice!

Both I and the community pool cleanup staff would be much obliged.


  1. Oh. my. goodness. I have no wisdom except to say at least it was in the grass and not in the pool!

  2. I'm so sorry, friend. Praying for wisdom! Would love to listen if you want to talk through some ideas. :)