Monday, June 28, 2010

On the Road Again: Simple, Fun Travel Keepsakes

It's Summer! Time for road trips, sunny days and making memories!

I thought I'd share a few ideas I got from Susan Peterson, a wonderful MOPS speaker I heard about a year ago. She wrote this awesome book and has some great ideas for souveniers that are memorable, easy and inexpensive.

Patch Quilt
The idea is that you start off with a "blank" quilt for each child and then purchase a patch every time you travel to a new place.

I am very blessed to have a BFF who is a wonderful seamstress, so she made these amazing quilts for my kids. I'm sure if you're not the sewing type, you can find plain quilts online.

Bennett already has two new patches on his quilt since this picture was taken (Disneyland and Santa Barbara). He LOVES his patch quilt and is really starting to understand the concept of adding patches from each new place, which is exciting for him.

Mallie likes hers too!

By the time my kids are leaving for college, their quilts will be full of wonderful memories from all the places we've been together. It's like a 3-D scrapbook!

Postcard Memory Books

This is as simple as buying a postcard for each child from the place your are visiting and putting them all together with binder rings to make a "book."

On the back of the postcard, write the date and your child's favorite memory from the place you visited. We usually do this on the way home while the day is still fresh in Bennett's mind. Since Mallory is too little for this, I usually just write a short summary of the day's events on her postcard.

I hope these simple ideas will inspire you to create some travel keepsakes for your kids!

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  1. and of course, both of these ideas are wonderful. i love!!