Saturday, September 10, 2011

5 years ago today...

...God blessed me with the most amazing gift.

It was this.
And this...And this.
A precious little baby boy who would change my whole life, deny me of sleep for 5 months straight, smear dirt on everything I own, melt my heart and kill me every day with his preciousness.

I like to call it Death by Bennett.

Because I die a little bit every time I look at his precious, little face.

As he grows up, I get to see more and more of the unique, special boy God has made him to be. God has given his such an amazing heart, character and conviction. Just like his Daddy.
Of course I can't sum all of Bennett up in one blog post, but here is a glimpse.

My Bennett is:

The kind of boy who just likes to sit back and watch sometimes...
Lover of bad guys. He wants to redeem them all so they won't be bad anymore.

Loves to play, play, play!

A quiet and complex little boy. And old soul... He loves to sit quietly and play by himself away from the chaos of life.

Lover of the outdoors...

Lover of adventures...
Always holding a stick or gun... he is ready to defend and protect others!
Sweet and thoughtful... he loves to cuddle and is always telling me he loves me.
Sometimes precocious...
Loves quality time with his family. Here he is with his Bobob.

A very sweet brother to Mallory (most of the time) :0)He melts my heart and he knows it. He is the joy of my life.
Happy Birthday, Benny-boy. I can't believe how quickly these 5 years have gone by and how many special memories we've had. You are SUCH a blessing to me. I am so blessed to be your Mama. I pray that God will continue to bless and keep you and grow you into the young man He has designed you to be.


  1. crying. thanks. love benny so much. hug him for me. love your blog design. want to make it into a pillow and throw it on my couch. i love you more than words can say. keep nurturing your sweet boy into what God created him to do, not what the world wants. let the Holy Spirit guide you, you awesome little mama.


  2. Oh how I love his precious face. We are so lucky to have him in Lincoln's life and Lincoln looks up to him so much! May the Lord always bless Benny.