Friday, April 15, 2011

A Little Trip to Heaven: My Trader Joe's Shopping Swag

Just took a trip to TJ's today and thought I'd share a few favorites and some new items I bought. It feels like Christmas came early over here!

Come on... I'll give you a little tour.

So here on the right we have one of our favorite cereals... Oat n' Wheat Bran Swirls... they are cinnamony deliciousness, and - might I add- the only cereal Benny boy likes.

In the middle, you will see some jelly beans I picked up to fill our Easter eggs. No articfical colors or flav-ahs!

And then on the left, you will see a mysterious package o' wonder. What is inside, you might ask? Here... let's take a closer look.

Well looky here! Balsamic grilled onions conveniently packaged and frozen for my culinary pleasure? Come to Mama! I'm planning on copycatting one of the recipes from the TJ's demo kitchen... pizza with bacon, cheese and caramelized onions. Yes siree, Bob!

Moving on...

On the right, we have our new favorite coffee creamer. I made sure to include it here because people are always asking me which one we like from TJ's. This is it... pretty much the same flavor as vanilla Coffeemate without the icky preservatives and hydrogenated oil. They have hazelnut flav-ah too, but we like this one.

And now, a moment of silence for the Cinnamon-Vanilla Coffeemate I desperately love but try not to drink anymore because it is sooooo bad for me. Rest in peace, my beloved.

Back to TJ's delicacies. To the left of the coffee creamer, you will notice a stack o' malted delights: Malted Milk Eggs, just in time for Easter and (hubba hubba) Marvelous Malted Milk Ball Cookies. Yep, you heard me right. Just look...

I already cracked these puppies open, and let me just say, they are amaaaazing! Marvelous, in fact. They remind me of a good old Famous Amos cookie with whoppers added to the mix. YUM!

Oh Joe, oh Joe.... why do you make me love you so?

...which leads me to today's mysterious movie quote o' the whenever.

"Joe lies! Joe Li-ies! Joe LIES... when he cries... when he cries."

Be the first to name that movie, and I will buy you a tub 'o malted milk ball cookies!

P.S. Trader Joe never lies, just in case you were wondering. This quote is in reference to a different Joe.


  1. I'm the worst at remembering movie quotes, so I'm glad Suz got it (takes the pressure off). Those cookies sound GOOD! And I need to get off the bad-for-me-creamer bandwagon, too. So sad.

  2. I like how you write "fla-vah". It makes me happy.

  3. Casey how did I know "The Pioneer Woman" would be your favorite blog?! I have been reading her for about 6 months now, love her! And of course you know I would have gotten "Say Anything" since it's one of John's and my favorite movies of all time...Ah, Trader Joe's, I'm sad Boise doesn't see the value - or maybe TJ'S doesn't see the value of Boise - we ARE finally getting a Whole Foods next year, woot!