Tuesday, September 8, 2009

September: Apple Month

For the last 6 months, I have been bombarded with questions about Bennett going to pre-school. At first, it kind of took me off guard because he still seems like my baby, and it's heartbreaking to think about him going off to school. But more than that, pre-school just hadn't occured to me yet, which is definitely NOT the norm where I live. I live in a place where parents literally camp out overnight to get their child into the "right" pre-school, which (if you ask me) is just a little over the top when it comes to a place where my child will mostly be digging in dirt, eating paste and drinking apple juice. Don't get me wrong, I'm all about pre-school, but to me this just seems a little bit overboard.

All this to say that we decided not to send Bennett to pre-school this fall since he'll be so newly 3. Instead I will be taking him to a few fun programs during the week (Awana, Community Bible Study, MOPS, Sunday School, Library Story Time), and then on the days we are home, we have been doing "school time." Bennett LOVES school time. He, (like his BFF, Nate) loves structure, and school time is right up his alley.

And because I LOVE themes so much, I have decided to pick a theme for each month and really explore that topic during school time. September is apple month, and I'm so excited to do lots of fun, apple-themed crafts and activities!

Like today, for instance...

We painted a picture of apples in a variety of colors! Don't you just love the marker on Bennett's face? (And the fact that he is still in his PJ's?)

Some other apple-themed activities I've got up my Mama-sleeve are:

  • Taking the kids to pick apples in Julian
  • Going to the library and checking out books about apples
  • Watching a video about Johnny Appleseed
  • Making applesauce
  • Baking an apple pie
  • Taste-testing different varieties of apples (Green, Red, McIntosh, etc.)
  • Making an Apple stamp craft (maybe we will use this bag for apple picking!)
  • Planting apple seeds and seeing if they grow... (my guess is not, if Bennett has inherited my black thumb... but we shall see!)
  • Making Caramel Apples

If you have any other apple-inspired ideas for me, please do tell!

I'll report back at the end of September with pictures of all our apple-inspired fun!

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  1. What CUTE ideas, Case!

    I read about a preschool co-op idea and ALMOST emailed you, Lissa, and Kim about it. But then I decided we were all too busy to add one more scheduled weekday morning activity. Better to do school time on our own, in our PJs!

    (Just don't tell my kids about Bennett's awesome, themed, coordinated, cute school time!)